The Email Expert Who Sends A $149/mo. Paper Newsletter

On this week’s episode, Ethan Brooks (@damn_ethan) talks to email marketing expert, Chris Orzechowski (@chrisorzy), founder of Orzy Media and The Email Copywriter. They talk about copywriting, voice, famous ad writers, and paid newsletters (including a guy who used direct mail to drive $47k+ in business off of 800 fliers).

Cool Stuff Mentioned In The Show

➨ You can find Chris on Twitter here -
➨ Check out Orzy Media here -
➨ Chris’s first books, Make It Rain -, and Scale While You Sleep -
➨ His newest book, Client Acquisition -
➨ How his team learns and refines the voice of new clients
➨ Abbey Woodcock’s book on writing voice -
➨ How he hires writers (and the benefits of teaching your profession)
➨ Why you need to publish a book (now)
➨ Howard Gossage, the ad-man who saved The Grand Canyon and the Redwoods
➨ The book, “The Revenge of Analog” by David Sax -
➨ The psychology behind sending a paper newsletter
➨ The logistics behind his newsletter (pricing, printing, shipping, etc.)

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