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The most actionable copywriting podcast out there

Tim and Ethan, you guys rock! I can't believe how much useful information these guys are dropping on us every time. They must have some secret synergy that enables them both to be informative and helpful without making it feel like work or anything too overwhelming - but still worth listening all the way through for any business owner and literally anyone who wants actionable insights on content creation/copywriting!

It’s the copywriting podcast you’ve been looking for

I love listening to these dudes talk. The subjects Tim and Ethan talk about can run the gamut, but it always ties in with copy. They also highlight other awesome resources and leave links in the show notes so it’s easy to find context for what they’re discussing. I like that they cuss. I like that they cover subjects that make them vulnerable and aren’t afraid to share what they’ve learned from their failures. These dudes are honest, and it feels like listening to your two smartest friends share their ideas and somehow I become smarter just by being in the same room.

A refreshing podcast that marries tactical advice with great insight.

Tim and Ethan are a great combination and flow nicely together. They bring best practices in content marketing, copywriting, and business development for both online and offline businesses. They each have a unique perspective on business and blend it nicely on this podcast. Once you start listening, you will not want to stop. Be sure to have a notebook with you to take lots of notes from the actionable advice they share.

Great Stuff!

Love the energy and diversity of content this Podcast covers. Also, the intro music is 🔥

Good info

Useful info for learning about the industry. Thanks!

Sorta want to keep it to myself

Brilliant podcast. Ethan and Tim somehow manage to drop a ton of useful, actionable insights every time. I almost want to keep it to myself because I feel like I’m being let in on new secrets which each episode, but these guys deserve the kudos.

My Favorite Marketing Podcast

I listen to a few marketing/copywrite/e-business type podcast shows. I’m really picky because if I get bored easily, I listen less and kind of waste my time. Tim’s podcast show keeps me listening the entire time. I love every episode and am excited when I see new episodes come out. This guy is not only good at SEO, he’s great at podcasting and keeping my attention! I’ve learned a lot from this show. I’ve been reading the Copybligger blog since the early early early days. ~Hiking with Shawn

The best of the best

I've been following CopyBlogger for years, so once I heard they had a podcast, I HAD to check it out. After binging through a ton of episodes, I can truly say it's one of the best podcasts out there. If you're a writer or you use content to grow a business, this is a must-listen!

Cheat code

Tim and Ethan regularly drop knowledge that you simply can’t get elsewhere. I should have saved the $$$ I spent on college and just listened to their podcast. Better late than never!!!

Great show!

Tim, host of the Copyblogger podcast, highlights all aspects of digital marketing and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!

Insightful, entertaining and actionable

Sonia and her talented guests talk all things marketing, giving you the tools you need to get hands-on with your business. The best part is these tools come from truly engaging individuals that have been where you are and want to see you succeed. Thanks so much for putting out such a spectacular show Sonia - keep up the great work!

Pragmatic and Artful

I have listened to around 20 episodes over the last two months and have found them to be practical, clear and imbued with the experience of people who have been at copywriting a long time. Copyblogger is not the only place to learn about copywriting in the age of content marketing, but it is among the best. My thanks to Sonia and her fellow Rainmakers for sharing what they know.


I love the insights that are provided in each episode. Sonia and her guests are so knowledgeable, and their tips are amazing and inspired. I would definitely recommend this for anyone involved in the business and marketing industry.


This is a good podcast with great content and they are short and to the point. Bonus: my 3-month-old granddaughter was a getting a little bit cranky. I turned on this podcast and she went right to sleep!

The Power of Conversational Copy

Few pods resonate like the ones that bring together people whose work you've admired for a long time. Recent shows that come to mind include Brian Clark and Dan Pink; and Ed Gandia and Joanna Weibe. Sonia's interview with Nick Usborne is the latest example. They each sell courses well worth the investment, and they share a philosophy that will serve you well. Get in on this episode now!

Very Intelligent and Educational

Most marketers are honest liars. The worst part is wasting time listening, and then finding the b.s., or fluff nonsense. This podcast won’t waste your time. I highly recommend for marketers and writers.

Nice tone, very informative

Always a pleasure to listen to this podcast.

Cherry-pick this resource for great content marketing advice

As the title changed from The Lede to Copyblogger FM, I think this podcast became a little less useful overall. Definitely subscribe to keep up with the best content marketing advice and action steps available. But pick and choose as you desire to find the episodes that best meet your needs.

Advice with a real point of view

Sonia practices what she preaches: she has a definite personality, one that I love listening to! I feel like she's speaking directly to me, wherever I happen to be when I'm listening, and that's the mark of a great communicator. I love that her experience as a writer means that her content is relevant not only for my podcasting efforts, but all my content creation. Great show!


this podcast is gold ... every episode.

Weekly Hit of the Pink-Haired Marketing Diva, Sonia Simone

A great recap of the weeks doings at Copyblogger. Sonia Simone always adds several things to make me go *aha* and yet get pushed into overwhelm. Still hoping for the return of The Pink-Haired Marketer podcast. One of the best voices of the Copyblogger brand.


Sonia is so professional and easy to listen. It's a delight to tune in to each episode. Keep up the great episodes.

Wow. Soooo much value here.

I finally tuned in after hearing about Copyblogger FM from Chris Ducker and so glad I did. Don't listen to this unless you have paper and pencil in hand because you will be taking huge notes. Can't wait to dig into the other episodes I missed. Absolutely MUST listening for entrepreneurs. --Doc

Keeps getting better

I’ve been following Copyblogger for a couple years and love all the stuff they share out. The latest iteration into the podcast is a continuation of the quality content that Rainmaker/Copyblogger has become know for. Add to that the intelligent (not too mention, silky smooth) voice of Sonia Simone, and I can’t wait to hear the next episodes! Thanks!

Love This!

The first podcast I listened to was the one about being "weird," and I really identified with it. I can't wait to listen to more! I actually have my headphones in as I type this.

Learn copywriting

Great podcast to learn copywriting and everything blogging from successful internet marketers and entrepreneurs.

Jerod & Demian the Titans of Copy

Jerod and Demian always make me laugh and more importantly I always learn something. The way they interact makes the podcast fun while they provide incredibly helpful content. Keep up the awesome! Trevor @trevoryannayon

Love the new focus

Nice work Damian and Jerod on the new show format. I got a lot more out of this than from previous episodes although I'm a devoted listener. Please stay the course with this direction since it adds a whole new level of customer centric focus. I felt you guys really had my back in this show with some killer tips on republishing old posts. Love it and look forward to the upcoming episodes.

Good Content

Good stuff, but far too many "you know"s for my liking.

Great show!

Demian and Jerod know how to host a good podcast. Their back and forth banter is perfect, and the information is invaluable.