Danny Miranda: On Storytelling, Newsletters, and Growing A Podcast

On this week’s episode, Ethan Brooks (@damn_ethan) sat down with podcaster and newsletter writer, Danny Miranda to talk about storytelling, the business of content, the art of interviewing, and how to grow a podcast. Check Danny out on Twitter, with his Podcast (The Danny Miranda Show) or at his newsletter.

Cool Stuff Mentioned In The Show

➨ Danny’s Twitter, Podcast, and Newsletter
➨ Danny’s origin story (that goes all the way back to his first newsletter at 7 years old)
➨ Creative burnout and how to find your thing
➨ How he gets new insights out of famous guests who’ve done a million interviews
➨ The Tweemex plugin (and how he preps for interviews) - https://twemex.app/
➨ How to build paid newsletters
➨ The highest ROI decision that he’s made

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