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Can't miss an episode

IMFSP is a necessary piece to mi arsenal of content that helps make me a better writer, marketer, and businessman. Each week, I can't wait for the next episode to come out. Robert's quips coupled with Brian and Sonia's know-how makes it an essential part of weekly learning (and entertainment).

Really Terrific!

Love the blog. Love the radio show. Fantastic tips, ideas, and amazing practical advice. If you can just apply one thing you learn from every show the possibilities are endless!

I listen while I run

My life is so busy that it's hard to find time to listen to the radio, music or anything else. But I find these so valuable to my work and inspiration that I listen to them on my runs. It's great because I always get a nugget (or five) of really useful information, then because I'm running, my brain drops into high gear and I come home filled with new ideas. In my line of work, inspiration is genuinely critical. Thanks guys. I can't tell you how much I appreciate (and enjoy) this podcast.

If you don't like this podcast, delete your blog and stay on Facebook.

Yes it's a Fact! A mess of good blogging news. Read the blog at Starbucks in the morning, then listen to the podcast on the way to work. This is the podcast for the website for the blog with the email subscription for smart blogging tips to keep on track. People will ask you "where do you get all these blogging ideas?" It's ok to reply "the internet web," if you don't like that person. But if they're your friend show them the site and help them subscribe.

Great, practical info!

The Copyblogger group is abundantly generous with what they know, and they virtually introduce us to other smart and amazing people in the industry. Well done, all.


THE best marketing podcast I listen to!

Do We Love You at All?

Just finished listening to a Copyblogger podcast and at the end came, "If you love us at all, please go to iTunes and..." Okay, well love is all there is; love is real; you always hurt the one you love. And, having said that, I can also say your podcast has been THE most helpful marketing and business-oriented podcast I've heard. And I've subscribed to quite a few over the years. I just submitted my very first podcast to iTunes (hiring tips) and I've secured a half of dozen superb nuggets from Copyblogger's podcast and a good number of small tweaking-type ideas. But above and beyond my podcast, they also provide ideas for any size business, pretty much in any niche. And they're pleasant and funny to boot. But their focus really is on YOU, the listener, really getting something useable and valuable from their podcast. Some folks feel they "have to" help others, they seem to just enjoy it. So, how do I say "Copyblogger rocks" without saying "Copyblogger rocks"? Hmm. I'l go with: Copyblogger real good.

Always relevant, always interesting

And actionable, which is where the true value is

Always Learning

It is so refreshing to listen to people that are passionate about their quest. I love reading good content and I also know there are people that have GREAT Stories and ideas. However, they are living in "fear". Listen to this Podcast. You won't regret it! Break through your "fear" cycle!

Doing it the right way

If you want to learn how to do things the right way. Listen to this podcast. Anywhere else you will have to pay for the information you receive from Copyblogger!


Always a fantastic resource for marketing my small business. Highly Recommend the podcast and the site itself!

Antidote to information overload

It's on my short list of where I look for consistently good insight and information.

Motivating and Useful.

If you are interested in Copywriting and Marketing on the web in an ethical and positive manner Brian Clark and his team are full of great advice. The podcasts are chock-full of content, encouraging, and down-to-earth. Very valuable!

Skittle Thugs

Skittle Thugs are the future of the the ski/snowboard culture. They're flashy, forward, and one step ahead of the curve. Taste the Rainbow. Copyblogger is the equivalent in the world of digital media. Each episode is like a great slope style run at the X-Games. I need more.

Excellent Podcast!

More shows please!!! I really don't know what I will do with myself if you do not post more shows soon! Even if they are some quick tips and current intenet marketing issues. I would really love to hear more. Thanks again for all your great information and hope to hear more soon! Bryan Knowlton

Great Resource for Anyone in Marketing

If you are interested in content marketing, distribution, and building relevant content, this is the podcast you should be listening to. This is a five star podcast for you. But if you are already succeeding, too busy, or looking for how-to-blog information, it probably isn't right for you. The one I'm listening to now is 1 hour, which is too long maybe, but I'm going to listen to all of it anyway because it's right for where I am.

Fantastic podcast

As another listener said, I would gladly pay for the content Brian, Bruce and Sonia offer in this podcast. It's entertaining, extremely useful and always to the point. Every week they seem to answer a question that I had recently found myself wondering about. Thanks guys for all that you do.

The Ultimate Internet Marketing Podcast for People on the Go

If you don't have time to sit still and read all of the amazing content on the Copyblogger site, then this podcast is for you. Download to your iPod and go. You will get plenty of great ideas and hear informative discussions about content marketing. The production quality is excellent and occasionally the jokes are good too.

Entertaining, informative, and, more importantly, highly useful.

It is obvious that the person who complained about the guys sounding "too smart" DID NOT READ the title of the podcast, thereby proclaiming undisputed ignorance to the world with such an insipid observation.

I look forward to it each week...

I look forward to the podcast each week - it is filled with great information that I can easily apply to my own business. I listen to it while I am walking the dogs and have had to stop on more than one occasion to write an "ah-ha" idea into my iPhone!

Champagne marketing advice on a water budget...

You will be hard pressed to find a better internet marketing podcast (ahem... RADIO show) online... Every single episode is intelligent and entertaining -- the kind you actually listen to more than once. With only your time invested, the returns are infinite. Definitely worth the download every single time. Thanks, Copyblogger... :)

Best podcast I have listened to.

Brian and company is kind of like this hot girlfriend I keep coming back to. I keep filling my canteen each time I return to learn more. Seriously the most precise stuff on the Internet when it comes to Internet Marketing and copy.

Tying in what makes me happiest about writing

Write the headline first is great advice! Almost as good as making loafing a priority. If for no other reason but to give your mind a rest. But like you Brian, my mind can't hardly rest, because I'm always thinking about the next story. I can't help it.

Best on compelling content

After listening to this podcast I really got an understanding of how to write content that really I myself would like to read. Prior to this I knew there was a way but didn't know how to quite pull it together hence my writings have been...pretty bland at best. So thanks for this very informative podcast. Now to go observe my world.

I'd Gladly Pay for the Info These Guys Give Out for FREE

This is amazing information. Want to get your blog read? Listen and heed their advice!

The Way It Should Be

I anticipate the podcast every week. I like them so much and find them so helpful that I listen while in the car and even in the gym. Keep doing what you do! Only down side is that it's only once a week. Your Ambassador, @ambassadorbruny

Internet Radio for Smart People

Can't wait each week for new installment listen to them over and over while driving. Especially format maybe it is the NPR of podcast. Keep sending them out Thanks

One of my favorite podcasts

Podcasting of thing about internet marketing is probably one of the most competitive niches. We internet marketers are a fickle beast. Constantly demanding the greatest free content, the most actionable tips and most inside information on industry happenings. This podcast delivers. I listen every episode(Sometimes twice!) of Internet Marketing for Smart People (Thanks for the ego stroke).


I've listened to several digital marketing podcasts, and this is definitely one of the top three (with Twist Image and Marketing Over Coffee coming in for a close second and third). The host, Robert Bruce, is one of the best speakers I've ever heard, and the CEO, Brian Clark, knows his stuff like the back of his hand. As soon as they hit the record button, it's pure gold. Don't listen to this podcast unless you want to get Internet Marketing savvy. This is for the serious boys.

Simple, usable information.

I'm a big fan of Copyblogger as of late, and I have to say this podcast just solidifies that. They offer up great simple, usable information. This information is relevant to pretty much anyone, no matter what industry. I look forward to more!