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From a beginners stand point in this subject. I believe these people have hit the nail on the head when it comes to simplifying these strategies. Appreciate all the special guests, Thank you so much for your time and expertise!

Informative and to-the-point

I Love this podcast. It's well-produced, interesting and useful content for me as an online biz owner. It could be called, Internet Marketing BY Smart People.


I've ripped through all the available episodes in the last week. Great topics, great guests, very well presented. I follow a handful of podcasts and this one has risen to the top of my list!

Who's Who and Concept Rich

Not only is this podcast well produced (the remixed Nirvana bumper music is stellar), the podcast features the best in the business at their tradecraft and the most interesting concepts worth noting in the web marketing industry. You can't consider yourself a professional inbound, social, or content marketer until you subscribe and listen to this podcast. @jpgordon814


One word review: Genius. Three word request: Do more. Please.

Best podcast on marketing, copywriting, and blogging.

I absolutely LOVE Copyblogger's podcast. All of the episodes I have listened to have been life changing and helped me do better in my freelance consulting business. You would do well to subscribe and listen to ALL of their episodes. Thank you Copyblogger Media!

Well Worth Your Time

These are well produced, informative, and entertaining. Note to creator-- would love to be able to rewind/fast forward throughout the podcasts on my iPhone. One summary face came across with numbers interspersed (coding problem?). Also, emailed back newsletter autoresponder with problem downloading a link. Don't think I ever got a correct/revised email.

Thank You

This content is have proven to feature many great tips and tricks for content creation and copy! I appreciate all the effort and will continue to support your podcast!

Great resource!

I am one that loves to listen to podcasts while working out. I have listened to three of CB's podcasts, and not only have been entertained by them; I have learn a lot as well. The Chris Brogan one was awesome. Thank you and I hope you keep up the good work!

Thank you

I know more now than I did before I listened in. Entertaining and FULL of great information. Excellent combination.


This blog and podcast have helped me and my business a lot :) Highly recommended !!!!

Fantastic show, wish there were more

I just started listening to this podcast a couple weeks ago and I've already listened to them all. Love the content and have learned so much. Please make more!

As real as it gets

Great, real-life material that you can actually use in your marketing and/or writing today. Keep it comin'! Brad McMillen

This Rocks

Like anything from copyblogger the podcasts are fantastic. I just finished listening to the two-part session with John Carlton and it motivated me even more. Keep it coming -- I'm lapping it up.

Great stuff!

Thanks for all the wonderful guests and of course great content. You guys are the best!!!

Great Info

As an entrepreneur with no journalism experience, IMFSP has greatly improved my ability to reach customers via my blog. I still have a long way to go, but this is such a valuable tool to have. Love it!

Highly Recommend for Marketing Content and Personality

I reliably listen to the IMFSP Podcast and I always walk away teaming with ideas. There are a good mix of personalities from interesting guests and the regulars. I highly recommend this podcast and checking out the other Copyblogger content out there. You WILL be a better marketer by doing so. -Matt Gillooly

The strategy behind the redesign episode

that was really informative .I did'nt know you did all those things.Im a guy just starting to get into the internet business.I have subscribed to your podcast.I love the crew you guys got.Reall reall great ,motivational and informative discussion. thank you for all that you guys are bringing to the game. David M Foster III

A must-listen for anyone in Social Media, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship

If you've spent any time poking around the interwebs for info on marketing, using social media, copywriting, or landing pages, you've inevitably come across Brian Clark, Sonia Simone, Jon Morrow, et al. So many of the other 5-star ratings have said that it's great, that I'll leave that to them. I'll add two thoughts. 1.) These people, and everyone associated with Copyblogger PRACTICES what they preach. They're walking the walk, learning in full view of people, and willing to share their knowledge for free. Just as they recommend in their podcasts, and with their content landing pages. 2.) They know (or interview the people who know) what's working NOW. Because they test out the very pieces of advice that they share. Both translate to an informative, interesting, real, human, and funny podcast with no hype. The best in the biz right now.

Time is precious. This one was worth the time.

The sign-up form bit was eye-opening. I've seen it; I've read about it; now I'm finally going to actually implement it! Thanks for helping me get of my bum re this.

Helpful advice

I just began listening to this podcast and its a good one. I've read their blog for awhile, but didn't know they had a podcast too. This is a great way to get a quick hit of inspiration and, as it is in audio form, you can listen while you do work. One thing I appreciate about this podcast is the audio quality. They record at a volume level and quality that makes it easy to hear in the car. Thanks for putting together a great podcast.

Great info on newsjacking!

This is a great podcast that provides valuable information about Internet marketing and blogging. Particularly liked the one on newsjacking as it's a great way to get a ton of publicity for free!!

Internet Marketing for Smart People

One of the brightest, best produced and useful sources of information in the podcast world. Not just marketing discussions, but explorations of life, desire, potential and success are followed in this must-listen-to series. Kudos to Copyblogger and please keep it going!


This podcast put me in a 5-star mood.

Um yeah it's sweet

Hate useless drabble thanks for being real and to the point. Sincerely Inspired


This podcast is always informative, helpful and interesting. Can't wait to hear more.

Great stuff

Top notch. Great and valuable content. Keep up the good work.

Worth the time and then some.

Huge two thumbs up.

This is must listen for all entrepreneurs!

Here's the thing - Brian, Simone and Robert simply provide the best online marketing info out there because, unlike many others out there, they are real marketers. They are real writers who know how to 'prepare a prospect to buy and get them to act' - and yes you can take that definition of marketing to the bank. But here's the other thing - they're enjoyable to listen to! It's like sitting on the patio, having a beer and talking online marketing with a couple of friends. They all have unique voices, literally and figuratively, and they deliver actionable stuff every time. Thanks guys. Cheers!