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Love listening to Jerod and Demian!

I look forward to their banter and education every week!

Innovative and fresh!

Informative and entertaining with a wide range of topics.

More High Quality listening from Copyblogger

Copyblogger Media has busted wide open with their new Rainmaker network. The Lede is a cornerstone of this network. Jerod and Demian provide so much insight into the world of copywriting. I look forward to every episode.

One of my never-miss podcasts

This is one of my favourite podcasts and I rarely let more than a few episodes bank up. They are short but incredibly useful with tips, advice and strategies about content marketing and copywriting. As a copywriter, I'm always picking up little tidbits I apply in my work. As a business owner, I get a lot of great marketing ideas from these two. And the guys sound like friends. I like that.

It's Copyblogger So It Has To Be Good!

It almost seems redundant to leave this review. With a name like CopyBlogger it has to be good! They just have a knack for producing actionable material wrapped in beautiful stories. Whether it's a blog post or any one of their amazing podcasts, you can be sure that you are getting exceptional material and all you have to do is put it into action. Thanks CopyBlogger.

Love the Curation Series!

Just got back from my morning walk and listening to third in the series of hows and whys of curating material to pass on in my blog. Jerod and Damion challenge me every time I listen to read more, record ideas, and work hard at my writing craft. Thanks for such useful content. I might add that I’m 71 - not your “average” listener.

Awesome Copyblogger Content

This is a great podcast. I'm hoping you guys are going to keep it up. As an executive in marketing/advertising and a podcaster myself - there aren't lots of podcasts I like to listen to... this is one of them. Solid copywriting advice from pioneers in the field of online... keep it up.

Practical no nonsense content marketing information

As a reader of Copyblogger for many years was quite excited when they started a podcast and they have not let down. Each episode is short, focussed, and provides practical information that you can immediately put to use. If you do any sort of writing this is a must listen to.

Great Info!

What more can you ask for? I am just starting out my blog. Invaluable content.

Great tips and great resources

This cast definitely helps folks starting out trying to make the most out of each post. The resources mentioned for finding great common license images will definitely be put into use ASAP

The Lede from Copyblogger

This series has been awesome! I am inspired to recommit to my writing and the show provides useful and specific techniques to put my new ideas into posts! Thank you.

Outstanding Advice

I have learned a lot from these short interviews. I really appreciate how the host gets right to the point. I'm looking forward to the remainder of the 11 part series. I highly recommend this podcast.


This is the first time I’ve given The Lede a listen (although I’ve been dancing around it for a while) and I’m impressed. Solid production quality and an insightful interview.

Helpful and to the point.

If you are looking for ideas, inspiration and advice but only have limited time or a limited attention span then Copyblogger is the place for you. Straight to the point with great topics and smart people. Can’t ask for anymore.

Listen to them ALL!

An amazing podcast with great information. Something I listen to more then once. Helps me make better decisions for my small business.


I love Copyblogger, but it's often hard to find time to read everything I'd like to. This podcast allows me to learn from their expertise on the go.

Thank you!

As a busy teacher of marketing to ESL students, this is the perfect way to get my brain in gear while driving to work. Inspiring, interesting and shareable. Thanks again.

#MunchMac in Houston, Texas

Great content! Mediocre audio quality. I absolutely love your show – the content is amazing. I just finished listening to Seth Godin. It seemed odd to me that the audio quality on Seth's side was at least two levels superior to the host. I'm new to podcasting. I interviewed Rob Greenlee for the first episode of my upcoming podcast (yesterday) And then discovered your podcast. It's remarkable to me how great minds think alike. Rob and Seth, I mean. Thank you again for this great podcast. If you want to chat about improving the audio quality @gspn

RE: 30 Minute Copywriting Course….

This was literally the best podcasts I have ever listened to. The value that was given away in this one podcast was mind blowing. Thank you so much!

Good stuff!

I don't know how I blogged before I found Brian Clark and his team with all of the CopyBlogger resources. I pretty much don't make a decision without consulting them these days.

One of the BEST

I LOVE Copyblogger Radio. PLEASE bring it back!! Copyblogger articles are terrific, but I'm an auditory learner and get so much more out of the podcasts. This one is one of the best out there - I sincerely hope they pick it up again!

Seth and Carlton in the first 10?!!

I can't wait to see where you are going to go from here. Landing Seth Godin and John Carlton in your first 10 podcasts. Great content, keep it up... please!

Life Changing for Ad School Student

I'm a brand new copywriter in ad school and the John Carlton episodes themselves fueled me with lifelong advice. I was absolutely floored that I shared similar insight with a guru. I love the site and definitely get the episodes back up and running. I love my radio class and wouldn't mind lending a hand.

Convenient Learning

What can I say? This podcast provides an awesome program that you can just sit back and listen to for hours, learning the whole time. Definitely beats the car radio. I'd suggest it to anyone seriously interested in web-based business or marketing


It's great to see a podcast about copywriting, I didn't realize copyblogger had a podcast.

Great podcast

Really enjoy listening to this podcast! Enjoy the variety of topics covered and the suggestions of cool tools.

Great podcast

I hope you start putting out more episodes again soon!

Take a few slaps

This podcasts is jam packed with tools we should be utilizing. There are plenty of tips in here that we all need to be reminded of as well. A lot of the things are a good wake up call or slap in the face of what we need to be doing, or should have already been doing. Time to get it together!

Worth Time No Question

No question this podcast 5+ stars. Great learning resource. Download, listen, repeat! Great tactics for web and business. Very well produced. I feel like a 800 lb gurilla when I hear this stuff. Thank you!

Thank you!

I Love this podcast. I'm a big fan of copyblogger and this show is really well put together. Great stuff! More please?